Tuesday, April 10, 2007

bLADE Wiki - 2.8.6 released

Fixed minor bug in close-table behaviour


At 4:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

version2 of my comment
1) In 2.8.5 (not 2.8.6, I can't test it now) I've found bug:

text here1

text here2

text here3
It parsed like that:

(I meen real tables in table1, table2, table3 :-) )

2) Bug with virtual-keyboard and switch with other programs (or desctop). I use Acer n311 handheld, and WisBarAdwance There is and with resco keyboard and whit other keyboards.
Screenshots: 01, 02

1) Apply the last zoom in future editor's text box for future bLADE WiKi run (Save options in 'preferences.txt' I think).
2) Close/Open category (+/-). I think it look like Windows Explorer tree view of file system. We can use it for bLADE WiKi Headings or(and) for bLADE WiKi Lists. It will help us to save space in PPC's display.
3) What do you think about multi-window interface for view&edit or viwe only pages? I have some doubt in this idea. :)
4) Can you add look like this or another:
to go back in wiki pages?
( For direct example: "javascript:goback()" ). I think char "@" is good for servis links ;) It's only example.
5) What about change zoom in wiki-browser? (view mode)I think, it important sometimes (not often).

With sorry about his English and whis best whishes, M-K

At 4:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your wiki is really great!

Hi, does bLADE Wiki has tagging feature? I really like the idea discussed here:


At 10:43 AM, Blogger Dale Lane said...



1) I think 2.8.6 will resolve bug 1

2) I'll try and get hold of an onscreen keyboard and try it out at some point


1) It already does store the text zoom setting. If this is not working for you, can you let me know whether you mean on the Desktop or the Mobile version

2) RE: Collapsable pages by headings - it's an interesting idea... perhaps something could be done in javascript to enable this. I'll look into it

3) RE: Multi-window interface -
I'm not entirely sure what you mean here. On the Desktop version, you can run multiple instances of the application without any problems as far as I know - would this do what you need?

4) RE: Using '@' as a special character - I already have some wiki pages with '@' characters in the name, so I am reluctant to add any new meaning to this. I think the 'Back' button is a better way to do this. The button is a little tougher to get to on the Mobile Version, I admit - adding a toolbar is something I am planning to do when I have some time.

5) RE: Zoom on Mobile View mode - I'd love to do this, and have tried a couple of times - but it's not gonna be easy

Hope that helps!


At 10:44 AM, Blogger Dale Lane said...

@anonymous - sorry for the delay in replying, I completely missed your comment!

There isn't any tagging, and I'm not planning on adding this any time soon.

You could always add tags yourself - as text to the bottom of a page, and use the 'Search' facility to show pages with a given tag search term?


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