Wednesday, April 04, 2007

bLADE Wiki - 2.8.4 released

Minor change to behaviour if no wiki directories are found


At 5:08 AM, Anonymous Vladimir Starkov said...

Dear author!
First of all I'd like to say that your program is awaysome!
I never met such a simple way to organize all my notes.
I'd like to suggest a small change to the user interface of PPC version.
Could you add commands "Cut/Copy/Paste" to right soft-key menu in the "Edit" mode?
I have HTC Hermes with full-lenght keyboard and work with your program without a stilus. But when I need to Copy/Paste some text I have to use it because these commands available only in context menu by using long tap on the screen.
As I understand it's very simple to add these already existing commands to the right soft-key menu.

At 7:10 AM, Blogger Dale Lane said...

done - please see 2.8.5

thanks very much for your kinda comments



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