Monday, February 26, 2007

bLADE Wiki - 1.12.0 released

Added a plugin to export books from NoteStudio

A NoteStudio plugin is included which allows you to export existing NoteStudio books to text files in their original wiki markup.

Copy this file to your NoteStudio plugin directory, restart NoteStudio, then choose Export all books from the Tools -> Plugins menu.

Your books will be exported to the path identified in the comment at the top of the plugin file.

The plugin has had virtually no testing... it isn't impossible that you will find some errors. The two most likely sources of errors are:

  • you have some characters in your page names that confuse it
    (I use page names as file names, NoteStudio doesn't - so I have more problems with characters normally used in URL codes)

  • you come across differences in syntax between this and NoteStudio
    (Although they started quite similar, this wiki has changed slightly over time. Setting bold / italic / underline to use smart syntax and disable strikeout should get you fairly similar behaviour... although you may still come across sections of page which don't look as they used to in NoteStudio)

At this point, it's perhaps better to think of the plugin as a way of doing 90% of the work of moving from NoteStudio to this wiki. It's still better than having to do it all yourself, but theres still some stuff left to do.

One last point - the home page for a NoteStudio book is called "Home Page". The home page for this wiki is called "homepage". Sorry about that.


At 4:21 AM, Blogger Chase said...


Dude, you're AWESOME!! I mean... I haven't tested it out yet... but I'm excited already!


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