Tuesday, February 13, 2007

bLADE Wiki - 1.10.0 released

Changed way that preferences are persisted to improve performance

Note: This means you will lose all your settings!

I have not had the time to write any migration code which would port your settings from the old files to the new single ini file. Sorry.

You will not lose any of your wiki pages - what you lose are your bookmarks, and list of recently-opened locations.

When you first open the wiki (on Windows), you will need to point the app at the folder where your pages are stored.


There was a good reason for doing this - as the wiki grew organically over the last couple of months, I (somewhat lazily) added a new config file for each new feature. So bookmarks were stored in bookmarks.txt, folder locations were stored in locations.txt, whether the symbols bar should be enabled was stored in symbolsbar.txt, and so on. It meant that (particularly at startup), the wiki had to run around opening and closing several files - never a very fast thing to do.

So, partly to improve performance, and partly to make it easier to add some new preferences, I've consolidated all preferences into a single ini file.

I (probably!) wont do this again, so you wont lose your settings again after this!


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